Performing yoga for back and neck pain relief may reduce reliance on doctor

Although routine checkups at the doctor’s office can be included among other good health habits, such as eating right and exercising, some believe that relying on physicians too much can take an unnecessary toll on one’s wallet. Instead, individuals who struggle with chronic pain and discomfort may be better off adopting a complementary regimen like yoga to help them manage their symptoms.

This is the viewpoint of yoga practitioner Sandra Parsons, who wrote in the Daily Mail that engaging in the holistic Eastern regimen helped her decrease her reliance on her doctor. About six years ago, she suffered a prolapsed disc that caused her considerable pain and reduced her mobility. Her osteopath encouraged her to perform the gentle poses and calming stretches of yoga, which helped alleviate the discomfort.

“What we urgently need to do is reconnect with our bodies and with life’s simple pleasures,” Parsons wrote in her article. “We need to take control of our health and the best way to start is with exercise.”

Yoga is an activity that may benefit anyone looking for back or neck pain relief.


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